In order to know what is happening around the world, we can easily get a newspaper from a nearby minimart to check out the current news. However, in today’s technology, we can gain access to internet almost anytime and anywhere. So, it will be so much easier for us to access to a digital newspaper. To access to a digital newspaper, the only gadget we need to have is an ipad or mobile devices which support dedicated applications for digital newspaper.

The reason for me to select this article to review is because I find that reading news is very important in this society we are living in, it help us to keep in touch be it local or regional news. It is essential as it discuss about details for economy, scientific topics, politics, literary and views from other people. With the new media tools to view digital newspaper, it would be much more convenient for people to read it wherever they are.


Key finding 1 = Difference between free apps & paid apps

For the ipad platform, the companies are offering both free content and subscription content for the applications. The difference is that for the free apps, the content might be limited and might not be able to provide good information. However, for the subscribed apps, it is able to view all the contents and it is able to provide up-to-second news so that the subscribers will be able to know the latest happening around the world. For the price range of the newspaper apps is about $17.29 to $32(with newsletters and exclusive content).

Key finding 2 = apps features

It also provides great features depending on which application you are using. The features include saving the articles that you like in a list, so that you can view that particular article over and over again. The other feature is that if you find that the article is interesting or worth to read, you can share the article by posting them to facebook, via twitter or e-mail it to your friends. There are also other features like crossword puzzle for you to play and news videos to watch.

Key finding 3 = layout



Sometimes it is hard to read when the article is having different kind of fonts and the words are packed too close together in the same time. If they wanted to specify on the keywords or key sentence, I think it will be easier to highlight it with bright color e.g. yellow, light blue etc. rather than using different fonts. Some of the news layout does not have images which I think that the article is a little plain and boring because there are only words on the layout. But for others, it may actually be easier because it is clean and simple.

Digital newspaper vs. print newspaper

A brief comparison between both media is that people can read online news for free rather than spending money to get a copy of newspaper. However the content in the print newspaper are more focused compare to online newspaper due to the lack of commitment of the online users which have short attention span. But the good think about online newspaper is that articles can be save and is easier to find the old article and re-read it again. However according to the statistic in US, it shows that only 3% of newspaper reading happens online, whereas 96% of the people are still reading the print edition.


Online newspaper has its pros and cons, it makes news easier to be reach for people and is free and you can even share it via twitter or facebook. It even helps to save paper to a certain extend. People are able to get the best information in a shorter reading time, but the content may not be as clear compare to print newspaper. In order to access, first we need to pay for the internet service which is quite expensive plus if you want to get the full edition of the application, you also need to fork out some amount of money to get it. In conclusion, though online newspaper makes life easier, however i will still choose the traditional way of reading newspaper which gives me the full picture of the article rather than paying for the online newspaper which cost much more than a 70 cent copy of print newspaper per day.